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training courses for 1 or 2 trainees. beginner- and advanced learner
2 days , 6 hours per diem.
2 days: 250 Euro, material inclusive
location: Worpswede near Bremen (Germany)
date: on enquiry

You have a question?
You want to award a contract?
To buy a picture?
A portrait of yourself or someone else?

Fantasiebild  Beispiel 8 Fantasiebild  Beispiel 9 Blumenbild  Beispiel 1 Fantasiebild  Beispiel 1 Portrait  Beispiel 1
Portrait  Beispiel 4 Portrait  Beispiel 5 Portrait  Beispiel 2 Portrait  Beispiel 3 Portrait Aquarell Beispiel 1 Portrait Zeichnung Beispiel 2

Probably a fantasy picture with you as main character?

Fantasybild Beispiel 1 Fantasybild Beispiel 2 Fantasybild Beispiel 3 Fantasybild Beispiel 4 Fantasybild Beispiel 5

A Cover? (book, CD ...etc.)
To get illustrated a book?
Or something else you think I can realize?

Don't hesitate! Click on the mailbox and write your questions, wishes and ideas; I'll answer, if practicable, in which space of time and how expensive.

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